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Study In Slovakia

Study In Slovakia

Slovakia's universities, such as Comenius University and the Slovak University of Technology, provide a dynamic and inclusive learning atmosphere, blending academic tradition with contemporary innovation. Unlock your potential and broaden your horizons by studying in Slovakia with the personalised guidance of our expert study abroad consultancy.

  • Capital: Bratislava
  • Languages Spoken: Slovak
  • Number of Universities: 32
  • Population: 5,460,185
Study In Slovakia Main Features

Why Study in Study In Slovakia?

Immigration friendly country
Large number of prestigious universities
Low tuition fees
Strong growing economy
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  • Why study in Slovakia?
    Slovakia offers high-quality education with affordable tuition fees compared to many other European countries. It has a rich cultural heritage, a diverse population, and a vibrant student community. Additionally, its central location in Europe provides easy access to other European countries.
  • What are the language requirements for studying in Slovakia?
    The language of instruction in most Slovakian universities is Slovak. However, many universities offer programs taught in English, especially at the graduate level. Therefore, while knowledge of Slovak can be beneficial for daily life, it's not always a requirement for international students.
  • Are there scholarships available for international students?
    Yes, there are scholarships available for international students in Slovakia. These scholarships may be offered by the Slovak government, universities, or other organizations. Students are encouraged to research and apply for these scholarships well in advance.

  • Minimum Duration 15 hours and 10 minutes.