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Study In Singapore

Study In Singapore

Singapore's world-class universities, including the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, offer a dynamic and cosmopolitan study experience in a global hub of innovation. Unleash your potential and embrace diversity by studying in Singapore with the personalized support of our expert study abroad consultancy in Kochi.

  • Capital: Singapore
  • Languages Spoken: English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil
  • Number of Universities: 40 +
  • Population: 5,917,600
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Immigration friendly country
Opportunity to gain Canadian work experience
Education system
Strong growing economy
Range of job focused programmes
Low tuition fees
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  • What makes Singapore an attractive destination for international students?
    Singapore is known for its world-class education system, with several universities consistently ranked among the top in the world. The country is a global hub for business, technology, and innovation, providing excellent opportunities for career advancement and networking. Singapore offers a multicultural environment with a high standard of living, making it an attractive destination for students from around the world.
  • What are the language requirements for studying in Singapore?
    While English is the primary medium of instruction in Singaporean universities, international students may need to demonstrate proficiency in English through standardized tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Is it expensive to study in Singapore?
    The cost of studying in Singapore can be higher compared to some other countries, but there are various scholarships and financial aid options available to help offset costs for international students. Additionally, students may explore part-time work opportunities or internships to supplement their income while studying in Singapore.

COK to SIN. All flight routes from Cochin, India to Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore. These flights are operated by 9 different airlines. You can either fly non-stop with Singapore Airlines or choose from 7 different transit flights. The shortest flight time is 4 hours and 35 minutes.

  • Minimum Duration 4 hours and 35 minutes.
  • Available Routes Via Colombo CMB
  • Via Bangkok DMK
  • Via Bangkok BKK
  • Via Chennai MAA
  • Via Kuala Lumpur KUL
  • Via Hyderabad HYD